Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery


If you’ve ever asked yourself questions like:  

What am I supposed to do when life hurts this badly? 

How do people live through this kind of pain? 

        Is there a better way to cope with my addictions? 

     Does anyone really even care about me or my problems? 

  What do I have to do to stop living like this? 

          … then Celebrate Recovery is for you.

When does CR meet?

Celebrate Recovery meets EVERY Monday at 7pm, with a meal served at 6pm. Childcare is available, so please don’t hesitate to bring your children if needed.

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What are hurts, habits, and hang ups?

You may be thinking that recovery is only for those with alcohol or drug problems. This could not be further from the truth. Celebrate Recovery mentions “recovery from life’s hurts, hang-ups and habits.”

But what does this mean?

A hurt, habit or hang-up is something in you or your life that hinders your walk with God and others. These life problems can be stumbling blocks or stepping stones!

If you suffer from one or more of the effects defined in the following, Celebrate Recovery can offer a solution of healing for you.


To experience physical pain caused by yourself or another; to feel emotional pain; undergo or experience difficulties or setbacks. The feeling of being hurt is an emotional reaction to another person’s behavior or to a disturbing situation -(e.g., abuse, abandonment, codependency, divorce, relationship issues, etc.)


Regular repeated behavior pattern. An action or pattern of behavior that is repeated so often that it becomes typical of somebody, although he or she may be unaware of it. Addiction, such as an addiction to a drug, food or some other stimuli that deadens ones feelings. A habit is an addiction to someone or something (e.g., alcohol dependency, drugs, food, gambling, sex, shopping, smoking, etc.).


A psychological or emotional problem or fixation about something. An issue that causes persistent impediment or source of delay. Hang-ups are negative mental attitudes that are used to cope with people or adversity (e.g., anger, depression, fear, unforgiveness, etc.)

Healing and growth are possible by applying the principles of Celebrate Recovery to your life!

Partial list of hurts, hang-ups, and habits:

Abuse – Physical, Sexual, Emotional
Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families
Alcohol Dependency
Chemical Dependency
Controlling Personality

Drug Dependency
Eating Disorders
Food Addictions
Same-sex Attraction
Loss of Relationship
Nicotine Dependency
Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior

Relationship Addiction
Sexual Addiction

Large Groups

Large group meetings are a time to set aside the cares and worries of the day, worship God together, spend time learning either from a lesson about a topic in recovery or hearing about how God has dramatically changed someone’s life in Celebrate Recovery through a testimony. Sharing is not required.

Open Share Groups (Small Groups)

These groups meet for one hour following Large Group where you can share your experiences, strengths and hopes. Open Share Groups are gender specific. Sharing is optional in Open Share Groups, but confidentiality is a requirement in following the 5 Guidelines.

Step Studies

Celebrate Recovery uses the Christ-centered Twelve Steps and Eight Recovery Principles as the biblical model for living your life.

A Step Study is a personal journey through each of these steps in community with a group led by a facilitator, who has completed his or her own Step Study.

We use Celebrate Recovery’s four participant guidebooks. When you finish a Step Study you will have worked your hurts, hang-ups and habits through each of the Christ-centered Twelve Steps. A Step Study is a serious commitment to yourself and the other members of your group and typically takes between 6 – 12 months to complete, depending on the size of the group and time of the meeting.

Contact a CR Ministry Leader at your own group for more information about Step Studies, or to find an open Step Study in the area, choose the option Step Studies in the menu above. It is not recommended to go to ONLY a Step Study, so you will need to find a Large Group and Open Share Group to also attend.


One of our ground rules is the guarantee of anonymity. We respect each other’s confidentiality and seek to keep CR a safe place for everyone.

Celebrate Recovery is for everyone.

At CR, we believe everybody needs recovery and none of us have arrived or will arrive until Jesus comes back. There is no need to sign up, just show up. It is a ministry for anyone with a hurt, habit or hang-up. In CR, we believe there isn’t anyone who that doesn’t cover.

We would love for you to come be a part of the life-changing ministry that has allowed us to experience true freedom by restoring relationships, first of all with God, and then with others. We believe it is vital to walk this road of life together. One of our ground rules is the guarantee of anonymity. We respect each other’s confidentiality and seek to keep CR a safe place for everyone.

We ask all participants to honor that commitment for others and expect it for yourself.